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About Game

A FREE Networked Horror Co-Op game (for 2-players). No microtransactions, no subscription. It's just free! Explore the deepest recesses of your mind to put yourself back together. Defend yourself from its denizens.

Play Eronoctosis for free on Steam.

Idea Formation

Eronoctosis was born from the depths of our collective subconscious in late spring of 2021. After a year of pandemic-induced isolation, we wanted to build a co-op game that had the intensity and atmosphere of our favorite single-player psychological horror games. On top of that, we couldn't resist adding a layer of mystery to make players puzzle over the meaning of their time in the game.

My Role

  • Core Developer
  • Technical Producer
  • Designer

For Eronoctosis I designed the core concept, developed the character controller, multiplayer code, and almost anything that isn't the AI. I coordinated the team and our tasks through the original project, its steam release, and the addition of the Devotion DLC.

Lessons Learned

  • Project management from conception to release without a publisher
  • Multiplayer Gameplay Code
  • Pipelines for efficient indie content generation