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HONK: V-Tuber Lipsync Suite

Dream ToasterSolo-DevUnity 3D2021
Honk VTuber Suite ScreenshotHonk VTuber Suite ScreenshotHonk VTuber Suite Screenshot

About Game

HONK is an all-in-one VTuber creation and animation suite. It uses your mic for lip-sync. Honk uses image-swapping instead of rigging. To animate your character, you just redraw you character's mouth and it swaps between the images based on what you say through your mic!

Learn more here.

My Role

  • Sole-Developer

I wanted to bring a character of mine, Grombit, to life. But the available character animation and lipsync tools were either overly complicated or overly simple. So, I made my own! I developed HONK between contracts over a couple months and released it on under Dream Toaster Games.

Lessons Learned

  • Product management for a self-published tool
  • Running community support and rapid releases
  • Developing user-facing tools for custom content