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Unity Consultant and Technical Producer with 8-years of work experience.

I'm looking for work on original titles or console-porting. As a team-lead, technical-producer, or unity-consultant.

I am based out of Dallas TX and am willing to visit the office, but am exclusively looking for remote work.

Shipped Titles

HONK: V-Tuber Lipsync SuiteSole-DeveloperDream Toaster2021-2022
EronoctosisTechnical Producer & EngineerDream Toaster2021, 2022
Risk of Rain 2 (Port)Unity ConsultantGearbox2021-2022
Star Wars: Republic Commando (Switch/PS4)Technical Producer & EngineerAspyr2020-2021
Doom & Doom 2 (PS4/XB1/Switch/Mobile))Unity ConsultantNerve2019-2020
InnerSpaceLead Engineer & DirectorPolyKnight2016-2019
18 Game-JamsVariousVarious2015-2021
Unity Performance Field GuideCreator & CuratorDream Toaster2022-Ongoing

About Me

Selfie with my cat, PhiphiSelfie at the beach, in my hometown

About Me Casually

I'm an organizer for Society of Play, a 501(c) Non-Profit gamedev community. Community and giving back is a big part of my pathos.

Gamedev encompasses my career and most of my hobbies. Be it Society of Play, GameJams, or side-projects, I find myself doing GameDev a lot on my free-time. As for games I play I'm a huge fan of Dark Fantasy, quirky PS1 era games, hidden-role games, and anything exploration forward.

Outside of gamedev? I love building keyboards, perusing art books, visiting any new art-exhibits, being a foodie, music, volunteering for local causes, and volunteering at a local cat shelter.

About Me Professionally

I'm first and foremost a problem solver and conflict resolver. I'm capable of slotting in as an engineer or putting together teams and bids for projects. Leadership is something I value and something I hone.

I've most recently been credited as Unity Consultant and Technical Producer.

I work under the Dream Toaster Games LLC as a freelancer.

Need a Unity Consultant? I'm your guy.

Need a Producer with insight into how the sausage is made? I'm your guy.

Need someone to lead a project? I'm your guy.

Selfie at the Dali MuseumSelfie with a Manatee